Thursday, December 8, 2005

In these rephrensible go with the flow times, Russ Feingold amazes me to no end. I have been in love with him since high school. Him and Paul Wellstone were two of my heroes who were elected officials. He is threatening to filibuster the reauthorization of the Patritot Act. He is amazing.

I just took a shower, my second one of the day, this one to wash all the saliva of that old man. I am about to go the Brooklyn courthouse because otherwise I will be fined and/or jailed for not filling out a jury duty questionairre, even though I totally did. I remember having done it online.

Also, I love bacon so much and this is a recent love. And I could have gone through life without these unhealthy vices, cigarettes and bacon, but within the last year, I have discovered the pleasures of both. God, bacon is so fucking good.

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