Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We are not going to talk about how many more hours I have here because if I do the math it will depress me. I just want to clarify something. Yesterday, I said that I loved Diana Ross's "You Keep Me Hanging On," referring of course, to the Supremes version. Apparently, she released a solo version of the song in those disco years that is just a little too gay club remix for my taste, and it came on just now, and I was so confused, thought it sounded different than the song I was so in love with yesterday, and found out that yes, yes, it is differnt. I love the Supremes version of that song, not the sped up version. Surely, if you dug deep enough, you might uncover some anxiety about gayness, about things that appear too gay. Loving the Supremes is gay in one way. This other version of the song is a little too close to a gay that scares me for whatever reason, because I still am perhaps a little insecure about how I am percieved, despite what I sometimes might otherwise claim. But fuck, the Supremes are amazing.

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