Sunday, December 11, 2005

i am hanging up on you

Shut the fuck up. So yes, it's checked often enough, but right now it is totally unchecked - my ego - after reading some boy's blog I found that I had a crush on not too long ago. It fucking sucks reading boys write about how much they want a boyfriend, reading boys writing things like this whom you have made obvious advances to. Suck a fucking bag of dicks and keep on talking about how you are struggling with your rent and how you had to be a gogo boy to help pay it and then in your next entry, no joke, talk about going to a party at Trump Towers with your rich parents, your mom in her fox hat. Are you fucking kidding? Dancing one night on a bar does not rent make. Feed your dick to fat old men and then we can talk. I am so sick of fucking overprivleged douche bags who think they are slumming it because they take public transportation. Why are so many people fucking idiots?

If I ever whine about wanting a boyfriend, something I don't do (I whine about wanting dick), someone please beat me till I am bloody so I can be reminded what problems really are.

I am so full of a healthy rage right now, so bring it on. And I am listening to Madonna's "Hung Up" over and over again because it is fucking amazing and if you don't think so, guess what, we're not friends.

Ring Ring Ring, goes the telephone.
The lights are on, but there's no one home.
Tick tick tock, it's a quarter to two.
And I'm done. I'm hanging up on you.
I can't keep on waiting for you.
I know that you're still hesitating

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