Monday, December 19, 2005

Thank god, Jillian's boyfriend Josh is always here in the apartment. Otherwise, I would not have toes. I went outside to take out the trash barefoot, and in a t-shirt and the fucking door closed behind me, the door that is broken and never manages to lock, somehow closed and locked in this thirty degree weather with me stuck outside. I was so scared, not having my cellphone, no keys, no shoes to even go to a store and warm up, wandering what I was going to. I started throwing a toothbrush at Jamie's window but her fucking roommate did not bother to answer even though I know she was home. Fucking asshole! Then I tried Josh's window, not sure if he was here or not, and luckily after about ten minutes of throwing shit at windows with a pack of construction workers across the street, watching with pleasure my struggle, finally Josh answered the door and so I will still have toes.

Lord Chesterfield is amazing, by the way! Just about every other page, I am starring a quote. And soon, I will share some because they are so fucking good.

I love you! By the way.

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