Sunday, December 11, 2005

ying yang twins - wait (the whisper song)

So wrong, so six, eight, twelve months ago - who knows - but so fucking good:

You're fine
but I ain't gonna sweat you
See I wanna fuck you
tell me what's up
Walk around the club with your thumb in your mouth
Put my dick in, take your thumb out

This song is amazing and has me dancing around my living room. Thankfully, when I watched Rize, I did so alone, and so had no shame about getting up during the movie to dance along with the screen, to show those people up up there, and maybe steal a couple of their moves, like what they referred to as the stripper dance. I have got my ass bouncing.

PS - I think there is a correlation between how often I update Livejournal and the level of functionality of my cell phone.

PPS - I want to shake it.

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