Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I remember staying up late on nights when it snowed watching Red Apple 21, the cable station associated with my school county, hoping that text would start scrolling across the bottom of the screen saying something along the lines that always began with "Due to inclement weather," and there was just some thrill watching that station throughout the night waiting for the news to appear. It normally never did by the time I went to sleep and there wouldn't be anything, any text scrolling until the morning when I woke up announcing a snow day.

Last night, I was up until two watching NY1, waiting to hear it made official. Not that I even had to work today, but still curious, still anxious to see that text scrolling and it didn't happen before I went to bed, was not made official, but now, as most of you surely already know, it has been. Strike! And on a really cold day, too, with highs in the mid-twenties. I am excited about this strike now, but of course, I don't work today, but surely this thrill will wear off soon, I imagine.

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