Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All right, Roommate Drama has been resolved for the most part. When Jillian came home from work, Adele yelled "House Meeting" and the three of us sat in the living room and had a much more honest, civil conversation, and Jillian isn't moving out, but plans on moving out when the lease is up. I told her she could leave whenever because I plan on staying for another lease, and she said that she was going to talk to Josh and try to convince him to move in. And we talked about what annoys everyone, mainly me talking about how everyone annoys me, how this or that doesn't get done, and everyone agreed to do more. We made a bathroom cleaning list, with a different person cleaning it each week. Since right now, it gets cleaned about once every six months by me, this is major progress. I felt so much better after this talk and Jillian said she did also. So everything is again tranquil at 424 Grand, and rent may get cheaper, but who knows, who really cares at this point because there are songs that I love, I have a little playlist of fifteen songs that I listen to all day long and they all make me so happy, insanely happy. And after this chat, when I was cooking myself dinner, I was dancing and singing along to these songs even though my roommates were all home and normally I have a little more self control around them, but I was in such a good mood.

And I just rewatched Muriel's Wedding and that movie makes me feel so good. I love love love that movie. The playlist that makes me happy the way Abba makes Muriel feel:

"Oh, I" - Funkadelic
"Black Sweat" - Prince
"Best of My Love" - The Emotions
"Hung Up" - Madonna
"Got to Give it Up" - Marvin Gaye
"Gold Lion" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Living for the City" - Stevie Wonder
"Hurts so Good" - John Mellencamp
"Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" - James Brown
"Old Time Rock n' Roll" - Bob Seger
"Temptation" - New Order
"Heartbeats" - The Knife
"Silent Shout" - The Knife
"Jack and Diane" - John Mellencamp
"Juicy" - B.I.G.

And fuck, Muriel, Mariel, Muriel - I get you so much right now. Why are all of my favorite movies about people who are crippled with a sense of ennui, of purposelessness, and then through good music, love, and friends find their way to happiness? Seriously, that is the plot of all my favorite movies. The Graduate, Swingers, Muriel's Wedding, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (well, Cameron in that movie's storyline meets this). They are a good kick in the pants, a sign that yes, you may think you're life is the pits, but so did these people. Things change. Make them. Fuck, I am ready to dance and have got nowhere to go. Oh yeah, I've got headphones, am gonna put them on, blast these tunes into my ear, shut my door, and dance around my room.

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