Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fuck, Firefox just closed down as I was ending what I had just wrote and no, I am not in the mood to write again, and that is because I in a good mood, too good a mood to sit at the computer. I want to watch the final season of Six Feet Under which just came out on DVD today and which I am about to watch. In short, I want to thank those of you who gave me advice regarding that job in the Berkshires. I decided against it and wrote the guy telling him so.

I did a lot today, applied to lots of jobs and temp agencies. Bought household items, including new shower curtains to replace the grimey, soap scummy, moldy ones which we had had for way too long. I went and saw the guy on 96th Street. As I was getting off the subway, some guy came up behind me, grabbed my attention and asked me out on a date. I said no, I had a boyfriend because I wasn't attracted to him and he was a bit older than me. But what I had written (damn you, crappy computer) was furthering the analogy between myself and Saraghina that I had made a few days ago, about how good this made me feel, about how it's the first time a stranger on the street has ever asked me out, and then talked about how this surprised me because lately I have been feeling pretty unattractive, and then talked a bit about acne (which maybe is good that my computer crapped out and spared you that) and body image.

Trip to bank, where female teller was sort of hitting on me, and which might have just been because I might have had The Glow Bonnie and I have been talking about. The Glow = when someone likes you (or when you're getting laid), that is the time other people approach you and hit on you also because you project some more sexually confident, more happy glow. Then I got a call from Fuse and am supposed to strip during a music video next week and get paid 200 for this easy ten minute work that involves dancing, getting naked, and blurred bits. I am very excited about this. And then oh yeah, I bought a chain necklace with a dollar sign hanging from it out of the fifty cent gumball machine at Associated and I cannot wait to wear it.

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