Saturday, March 25, 2006

Drama. I don't like drama and don't even like the word but I really think it is the most apt word to describe what is going in my house right now. So as you may recall, earlier this week, I shit talked with my roommate, Adele, about Josh and Jillian, about how Josh needs to start paying rent since he is here all the time, about how they never do dishes, never take out the trash, never buy toilet paper, never clean the bathroom. Etc. Later in the day, there was a Round 2 of this talk when I sat on the couch and talked to Ethan about how awful they are and I hate them and wish they would move out, all histrionic ranting, which you are allowed to do with friends when frustrated with roommates. You should do this though when your roommates can't hear you. This rule I know and usually follow and thought I was following, but Josh apparently didn't go to work that day and was right on the other side of the living room all day unbeknownst to me or Adele. It was way embarrassing when he emerged from the bedroom.

But, he seemed polite enough and I apologized and told him that he is here all the time and that he should move in and pay rent. This situation has been going on for two years. They aren't a new couple or anything. And he is no joke here 29 out of 30 days in the month. He said he would need a couple days to think about it, but said he thought it made sense. This was on Tuesday. Since that date, he has taken pains to avoid interacting with me or Adele, racing from the living room door to Jillian's bedroom, and quickly closing it behind him. Patience wearing out for him to tell me his decision, I asked him what he was going to do when he finally emerged from his bedroom this morning with Jillian and started theri sprint toward the bathroom. I stopped them much to their dismay and asked Josh if he was going to move in. He said, "No, I don't think so."

My reply: "Oh, so you're just going to continue to live here and not pay rent?"

At which point, Jillian jumped in and said she didn't understand where all this fucking animosity was coming from, that it had never been a problem before, and that it is fucking bullshit that I sit in the living room and say I hate them. It got heated way fast, and blah blah blah all boring details, my argument, the sensible one, that two people are living in a room more than twice as big as Adele's and paying the same amount of rent. And on and on, tit, tat, tit. Jillian said something about how she doesn't need this fucking bullshit, that she was planning on moving out in four months anway, which was news to me. She then continued that she might just move out now if it's such a problem that her boyfriend stays over, saying she would move into Josh's. Who knows if that is really going to happen? I sort of hope so since it is going to be a tense four months otherwise, and it would be easy as all hell to find someone else to move into this apartment for super cheap, and that both Adele and I would then have much bigger rooms, and really, she's an idiot for turning down our very reasonable offer that her boyfriend move in here and that they each pay 300 a month to live in a gigantic room. Yeah, good luck finding another place that will let your boyfriend live there and not pay rent and clean up your dishes and deal with your rude antisocial behavior of not saying a word when you come in the house, and good luck finding a place for even close to the price you paid here. Fucking idiot. Sorry, I had to vent. I was shaking after my argument with her earlier today and had to leave the house for a while to yell into my phone and quit shaking. So, I might be looking for a roommate soon, which is awesome news.

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