Thursday, March 9, 2006

Sometimes Jake Gyllenhaal has that stupid, spaced out look on his face and I wish I would have never tried to figure out who or what it reminded me of, because once I figured out that that doofus look reminded me of Tobey Maguire, I couldn't stop noticing its appearance, and kept on tying it to this actor who I am most definitely not in love with, whom I really cannot stand. The problem with looking too long at someone close to perfect is that you start looking for those imperfect things, trying to take this person down a notch or two or three. Pretty people are a little boring too look at after the initial thrill of their beauty wears off on the viewer and they tend to make me a little annoyed after a while, their prettiness something offensive, a power over me that I refuse to cede willingly, and perhaps this is why I have liked and I still do like pretty not pretty boys, boys that are attractive in untypical ways, boys with some flaw or some flaws that make everyone who doesn't have those flaws, flawed, and those flaws of the crush, perfections.

I watched Moonlight Mile last night, which might be my least favorite movie he is in. Even Bubble Boy is better. He is still his attrative self in this picture, gets lots of screen time, and has a gorgeous haircut, but this is one sappy, flawed movie. And why is Dustin Hoffman so incomprehensible in recent roles? He has taken to this habit of slurring all his words together a la Bob Dylan except way more neurotic sounding. But, back to Jake. I have a thing for big noses as many of you may know, and in this movie, I noticed that Jake has a more flat bridge to his nose and he is a fleshy faced guy and that is part of the attraction, but in this film, I was sort of losing interest, his haircut perhaps making his face seem even pudgier, pig-faced.

But again, the results of looking too long at someone, the results of watching five Gyllenhaal movies in a row - that this was bound to happen, it had too, otherwise, I would have lost my mind. I still love him and think he's gorgeous and would suck his dick in a heartbeat - and really, part of it, I am blaming on this sappy, sappy movie. I don't know, I am realizing that he is really cool and really hot and really aware of both and that sort of for me at least, mitigates in some small way that coolness, that hotness. I don't want to build your tower even higher just because it's already so tall and poking out of the skyline and everyone can see it and wants to keep on building that one. I want to build some new towers.

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