Tuesday, March 7, 2006

The Jack Gyllenhaal Fan Club had its first meeting last night. Which basically means that Ethan came over to watch movies and Adele was in the living room doing her homework and so thus, the Fan Club. The first movie screened was The Bubble Boy followed by The Good Girl. Bubble Boy is bad and not in a good way. Its level of goofiness is on par with that of a Pauly Shore movie, and JG is in a bubble for the whole movie, so you can't even get any good unobstructed staring in. This, perhaps a way of commenting on the problems involved with developing crushes on screen idols, that they are all behind this bubble, untouchable to us. This tv screen I find Gyllenhaal constantly trapped in, beyond my reach.

I am glad we got the junk out of the way first, because The Good Girl was suprisingly really good, maybe just seeming so excellent for being watched after a really loud, juvenile movie. Jennifer Aniston and John C. Reilly are both amazing in this movie, but they are not who the Fan Club is devoted to, that would be Mr. Gyllenhaal, who was creepy and amazing, and even with his creepiness, I still wanted to run off with him and was cursing Aniston for being hesitant about it. It's Jake Fucking Gyllenhaal, you dumb idiot! Who cares if he's psycho and disturbed? Throw your life away and run away with him! There is a scene early on in the car, their first hesitant contact; Jake reaches out his hand and places it on Aniston's thigh, on my thigh.

I squirmed and melted a bit, that hand on my leg. His hands. God, so beautiful. The proof that this is a beautiful man. It is always the hands. People have control to some degree over every other aspect of their appearance. Hair can easily be made to look good. Weight can be lost. Muscles can be built. Unseemly bodily and facial hair can be plucked or shaved. Hands are really the only part of your body that you can't do to much to alter. Hands and feet. If someone has stubby fingers or long, frail witchlike ones, there's nothing you can do. I am sort of obsessed with hands and base so much of my attraction to people based on their hands. I can recall the hands of just about every crush I have ever had. There is a very specific type of hand that I like. Long fingers, but not frail. No nails to speak of. And seeing his hand on her thigh, seeing them down there on my thigh, I knew that this was the right crush. This man has such beauiful hands.

The internet constantly amazes me. There is a site dedicated to male celebrity hands, and of course, there is page for the beautiful hands of Jake. But, of course, the hands are just one aspect, but which would be enough to probably make me like him without any of the other attributes. But he has all the other attributes, big eyes, brown hair, cute nose, that boyish grin - fuck, he is so dreamy.

This afternoon, the Fan Club consisted of just me as I watched Jarhead, which was an all right movie, but again, we are not here to talk about the quality of the movie, the director's efforts, or the other actors, we are all here because of a young man who is only six months older than me, Mr. Gyllenhaal. He is sans his cute brown hair in this film, which obviously is a large part of my attraction to him here, and he is a little too buff in this movie. He looks much better without all that bulk, but he is still pretty dashing in this movie when he flashes that grin. There are also a few shots of Jake's ass in this movie, which you know, I do not mind seeing, not at all. Tonight, Lovely and Amazing. Tomorrow, the Princeton Review. But don't worry, I'll keep the talk here focused for the next couple of days on our love, Jake. I haven't even brushed the surface of all the things I want to talk about, that will come later when I have seen more, sated my appetitie both visually and literally. I am fucking hungry and need to make myself some food right now.

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