Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hey hey charlie, sorry to be out of touch. sadly, i think i will not be becoming your neighbor. my brother is still out of town, and then i'm going out of town in a week, and the timing is just off for figuring out a move, sublettors for our places, etc. i wish this was happening in like 2 months becuase i really liked the place & nabe. thanks so much for helping out though, and it was fun to get to chat the other day. and good luck finding someone good to join you all.

are you going to the homo hip-hop hop on saturday? maybe i will see you there...


And so, the love of my life will not be becoming my neighbor, we will not fall in love passing each other in the stairwell everyday, and we will not live happily ever after. This is what his email to me means, and I know I am insane for thinking so, but what the fuck ever, I was really looking forward to him living in my building. Realistically, this might be for the best since I am kind of obsessed with him and would probably annoy him sooner or later, or would lose my mind seeing my crush all the time. It's spring and I woke up a couple times last night to catch myself playing with my dick and it's spring.

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