Thursday, March 16, 2006

I hate how roommates can totally play out an album and make you hate, hate, hate that band, singer, album. The only record Adele plays is Sufjan Stevens' Greetings From Michigan, and man, my neck totally tensed up as soon as I came in the house ten minutes ago to hear this. I really fucking hate his voice, and really fucking hate this album.

It's sort of the effect that Tori Amos used to have on me in college, when everyone was all about playing her. It made me really violent and mad and made me want to storm out of rooms it was playing in. That is what Sufjan does to me, even despite Pitchfork's high regard for him.

The sunset was amazing tonight. I've got a video I am really exciting to watch. I spent the day reading and that is all. Lovely!

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