Wednesday, March 22, 2006

flashback, or yet more about craig

Rereading old diary entries now from when I first moved to New York, I found myself really missing those days, and really missing working at the Strand. I occasionally daydream and wonder if I would ever be able to work there again, what it would be like, but I don't even think they'd rehire me so the daydream normally ends quickly.

The reason I was going back through old entries was because I was curious to see what I wrote about Craig back when I first met him, and I found the first two entries that mention him, and here they are:



And in that entry of the twelfth, I tell about how I failed with Craig and then met this other crush on the subway, Christopher. That is amazing to me that both of these really sustained crushes both made their appearance at the same time.

I need a job like I don't know what, so that I will
-stop spending time online like this
-have money to pay rent
-interact with people other than my roommates who I am beginning to hate
-not die

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