Thursday, March 23, 2006

So earlier this afternoon, I not only sent out a cover letter with a typo, misspelling the word museum, but sent it out twice! I typed it really fast in Word, which underlines typos in red, and yet despite this, this glaring red line at me, I still failed to catch this until I was rereading what I sent. Then I shook myself, said "Charlie, get professional. Do this right. Quit fucking up. Slow down. Wake up. And PROOFREAD!"

Two minutes ago, I just mailed out another cover letter and not until I hit send did I realize I misspelled agency, again not seeing that red line, not proofreading, and this for an entry level job at a literary agency. What the fuck? How am I not seeing this red line staring at me? Well, those are two jobs that I am pretty sure I am not hearing back from. The only two jobs I would have been excited about to actually work it. The rest are all boring, boring data entry jobs. One is working for the cirus, but it doesn't pay anything, doesn't start for a month, and is on Randall's Island. But yet, I still applied. Because as you may witness from this big errors, that I don't put too much effort into changing around a cover letter, copying it into an email and hitting send, and so why not take the ten seconds it would take to apply for a low paying circus job?

I need to clear my head. Perhaps I shouldn't be applying for jobs after I have had a couple beers. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow after I wake up, shower, and drink coffee, lots of it. Maybe.

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