Friday, March 31, 2006

If you said "Cry!" to me right now, I could easily do so on command. My tear ducts are bursting at the seams and I cried so much today and once you've already burst the pipes, they are just a little more fragile, more ready to burst again. Walking to the video store for the second time today because I just had to watch the last disc of Six Feet Under tonight, I could feel all the snot in the back of my throat and got weepy a couple times on the walk. Before this walk, I was not just weepy, but bawling during Episode 10 of Season 5. I occasionally might get weepy during a movie or show but even that is really rare. I cannot think of a time that I have ever during a tv show had snot dripping and tears soaking my face and making that stupid face that people make when they are sobbing because they don't know how to talk. The last time and the only other time in the past several years that I have cried like this was at my uncle Robert's funeral in November. It was the same sort of crying and probably provoked by many of the same issues that the tear fest was about.

And now I am done with this show and fuck, when it is hitting the right notes, this show is perfect. When I saw the first couple episodes of the first season, I was floored at how good this show was, and at the questions about life it managed to bring up and integrate into a good tv show. Those first few episodes may be my favorite television over. Those episodes are just so fucking good! The intial shock of its brilliance wore off, but not the brilliance of the show. It still asked important things and talked about death. I just had become accustomed to its doing so. So fucking good! Sorry, I think I am about to go to bed. I woke up at eight and am totally emotionally exhausted from watching this show end.

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