Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good day! Here are two links that entertained me on this sunny, sunny morning which I want to go be part of after I finish this coffee.

Remember when Michael Jackson kissed Lisa-Marie at the VMA's and you said Ew, because it looked so weird and you knew Michael was a homo, well here is something on par for your eyes this morning. Ryan Seacreast, a 'mo if ever there was one kissing Terri Hatcher. Ew.

Pitchfork wrote a review of a recent Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert, and used the forum to talk about elitism and backlashes, and it is a really smart review that I encourage you to read. Here is a gem from that review to entice you: "It wasn't actually the music he hated, but aging out of the scene, his scene, now dominated by stylish teenagers more concerned with communal experience than elite authenticity."

Six Feet Under is amazing and I can't believe I only have eight or so episodes left until I am done with the show.

Also, amazing, The Supremes, which I am guessing you hopefully already knew.

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