Monday, March 20, 2006

Can we say "Embarrassing"? I am redfaced. So all day long, Adele and I talked in the living room about Josh and Jillian, how he's always here, how they never do their dishes, the good old fashioned bitching one is prone to do about an absent roommate. Then later in the day, I talked to Ethan on the phone on the couch really lately about how I sort of hate them, and want Josh to pay rent, or even better if they would just move out of the aparment into Jamie's apartment. God, the schemes I hatched on the phone for them with Ethan.

Then five minutes later, sitting on the couch, stuffing my face with chips and salsa, watching Oprah, their bedroom door opens and Josh comes out, because apparently his temp assignment is over and he was in there all day while I bitched about him really loudly in the living room to anyone that would listen. And he was really friendly and apologized and said that we should talk now so I wouldn't have to worry about this confrontation I was fearing. I felt like such an asshole, but he said that he had been thinking about moving in and that he is here all the time, and so he probably will move in, and man, oh man, I am a dickhead. Whatevs. Problem solved.

Next problem: Jaymay is moving out by the end of this month, there will be a big empty two bedroom apartment underneath me. The rent is 1500. It could concievably be configured to a three bedroom, since there are two big living rooms. I want people I know to live in the building. No more psychotic drug addicted Irish men beating down my door, offering me liquid cocaine. Please, move in!

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