Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All right, so I am broke, have still yet to pay my rent, might have been able to before leaving if I had not spent the equivalent of near half of it on a pair of shoes by a brand that is a little passe these days, a little four years ago, but that doesn't matter, or it might at some point, but yeah whatever - when I get back into town, am buying a new DVD/VCR player since the heat killed (my theory) our DVD player. And I just looked at Videology's inventory to see that they have some older Bruce LaBruce movies on DVD now. Oh Shit! Gay art porn viewing party at my house next week! They have Skin Flick and Hustler White, but no Super Eight and a Half. But that's why the VCR combo is a must to rent all that from somewhere on VHS, to be able to see the Warhol movies that Reel Life only has on VHS, and the old Ross McElwee documentaires that Christopher told me I could get at TLA(?). Yay for consumerism! Yay for shoes without holes in them! Yay for train rides and laundry and not crying and not dying!

PS - I just learned that Hustler White is loosely based on Sunset Boulevard. STFU! I want to watch these tonight, man. Seriously, Raspberry Reich is one of the most amazing movies ever for a radical queer boy to watch (and so I hope all you queers have seen it), and it had me inspired for weeks afterward. I cannot wait to finally see his other work.

PPS - There was the most gorgeous pair of boat shoes (green and white! no really, they were awesome!) at Century 21 for fifty dollars today that I did not get. Because I have no money. But really, that probably would not have stopped me if summer was not practically over, and thus, also almost over is the appropriateness of wearing boat shoes.

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