Thursday, August 18, 2005

A couple hours ago, I exclaimed: I am the most disgusting person ever!

At two, I got a call from the regular who I haven't seen in a long time and I told him I would be at his house in an hour. And so I started drinking tons of water since at that point my piss was a couple drops of dark yellow, you know being totally dehydrated from downing an obscene amount of vodka last night. So I drank and drank water, what I normally do before I head out to his house.

And as I am downing maybe a fifth glass of water on my way out the door, already running a little behind, it all came back out in Exorcist fashion. I am spewing vomit with force all over the kitchen sink. My head erupted. It was coming out of my mouth, my nose, and my eyes - so much of it.

I wipe it off my face, look at my disgusting self in the mirror, throw up on my nose, my eyes red and watery and think that there is no way I can go meet that guy right now, that I have probably never felt unsexier in my entire life. But then I think how he is a regular that I haven't heard from in a long time, and it would be good if he started calling me again, and there was also the fact that I only had twenty dollars to my name also. And so yes, I made myself look as presentable as possible and got on the train. I could still smell the throw up on the train. I am sure I got it on my clothes and didn't even notice it. I only cared mildly that the people sitting next to me had to smell me because I was feeling pretty nauseous still and thought I would spew again if I bothered to pretend I had social grace and did not plop down between people smelling like vomit.

And yeah, then I went and fed piss to some old man and got head from him. Prety much up there in the running for filthiest person ever. Look out, Devine, I'm coming for your crown.

Afterward, I picked up some food to feed my forcefully emptied stomach. Sub, chips, ice cream. Mmm.

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