Monday, August 22, 2005

Note to self and to everyone else: Never ever, no matter how much you don't feel like walking the extra distance, get burritos from La Bonita on Grand and Keap. Never!

It is only a block from my house, this La Bonita, and I always walk past it on my way to Grand Morelos, a ten minute walk, just because Morelos has such amazing, such cheap burritos. Today, I was feeling lazy even though I was craving a spicy pork burrito the way Morelos makes them, and thought I could get something similar at La Bonita, assuming it's a Mexican place and must serve burritos. I ordered two pork burritos for four dollars! Cheaper than Morelos! But, the first sign that they would not be amazing was when I asked for guacamole also, and the woman told me they didn't have that there. WTF? How can a place that serves burritos not have guac?

Well, my friends, it is because they do not serve burritos there, either. I got home with this product. Each "burrito" was wrapped into two of those wet, thick, undercooked tortillas that I hate. Why two? One is bad enough. But in addition, it was just the pork that they serve on their Cubans, not shredded, not spicy, not Morelos. On top of that was so much shredded nasty lettuce and then it was topped with a single slice of a tomato. A slice! Not diced tomatos which would make sense since this isn't a fucking burger, but a slice of a tomato. Oh Morelos and their 3.25 burritos are so worth the walk. This burrito was so bland and awful, even the nasty hot sauce they gave me was unable to save this burrito from blandness, from badness. Fucking yuck!

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