Friday, August 19, 2005

Argh! I was woken up by Billy this morning at 9:40, and I feel slovenly for complaining about that, but still, I should be able to sleep as long as I want without Billy, the repair guy banging on my door and calling out my name over and over again, not Dara's, not Jillian's, but Charlie, hello, Charlie, hello over and over again until I moaned Hold on, threw on some clothes and anwered the door. And he joked, "What, you were asleep still, I woke you up?"

This family, our landlords, are so insane with how they never give notice about anything. Instead of calling me yesterday to say he was going to come take a look at our bathroom wall in the morning, and asking if I would be here - he just shows up and bangs on the door until I answer. And God, the weather, the slight drizzle and the gray sky is the perfect sleeping in late weather. Fuck you, Billy! And he looked at it for about five seconds with his little toy dog and said he didn't have those tools to replace the wall, and that he'd be back. So I have been afraid to go back to bed. And I didn't even think to tell him that he better not show up with his mama-mia exclaiming, singing ass tomorrow because he will be turned away because we are having an open house and cannot have construction going on during it. Motherfuck!

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