Sunday, August 7, 2005

boys boys boys

Last night started off so quiet, drinking vodka tonics in my hot apartment with Ethan, listening to the Pretenders and playing Scrabble.

After the game was over, we made our way to the Big Six where Dustin was celebrating his birthday and where so many attractive homos were, including Craig, who I have liked ever since moving to New York. We downed our smuggled in vodka tonic, smoked lots of cigarettes, and danced a whole bunch. Niki came and met us, stayed for probably all of five minutes, before making it known that she did not like the bar, that she was bored, and that she was leaving. Her criterion for boring is just about anything. This bar was so not boring. There were tons of people, all dancing - and the proof of its nonboringness was the appearance of Mark the Cobra Snake, aka The Cobra Snake, the other Lastnightsparty. I was so excited to see him in person. Really, my love of these two sites is pretty irrational. His is mainly an LA party site, so I was especially excited to see him. At some point, I talked to him a lot and he was really nice and so much more forthright than Merlin Bronques was, admitting unashamed and even a little proud that, of course, he altered people's behavior at these venues. He was really fun to talk to. He gave me a button and then Ethan and I made out for his camera.

Photos taken by Mark and the last of our booze drunk, we decided to leave. I found Ethan outside making out with some boy and holding him up. Apparently, this totally wasted boy needed to get home and he is someone that I vaguely know through friends of friends. Ethan, trying to be the good samaritan, offered to help him home and we rode a taxi up to the L and rode with him to Grand Street, but not before some meathead pushed drunk boy on the floor when he tried to sit on the bench. I am so mad I missed this. I was in the next car, walking toward them at the time, but really wished I had been there to yell at him and get my ass kicked. This boy was so incoherently drunk and Ethan tried to help him into his apartment, while I got the two of us burritos. Waiting for the burritos, where there was almost a brawl and some guy had to hide in the kitchen (WTF?), I got a call from Ethan saying he didn't know what to do with the guy. The guy did not have any keys on him or a cellphone to call any of his friends. I gathered the burritos, met up with Ethan and the wasted boy, and we buzzed his bell forever. Drunk boy tried calling his roommate from Ethan's phone, didn't have the number right.

This was getting so annoying and I didn't know why Ethan was taking so much care of this kid. At some point, I agreed to let the two of them sleep at my house and Ethan and the boy were walking behind me while I was thinking about how much I couldn't wait to eat my spicy pork burrito. The burrito dreams were rudely interrupted by the boy falling on the sidewalk and Ethan trying to help him walk, but the boy's legs giving out each time he stood up. It was still a long walk to my house. The two of us stood on each side of him and tried to help him walk. It worked for a block, him moaning "Pooh Bear" over and over, and then saying he had to go to his apartment. Ethan told him that he didn't have keys or a phone, and the wasted boy plopped down on a stoop in protest, and we told him that we were leaving, that this was his last chance for a place to sleep, and then finally left him, and burrito thoughts could enter my head again.

[Paragraph deleted here]

Ethan was going to crash at my apartment and because he looked so uncomfortable on the couch, I told him he could share my bed, and because I cannot drunkenly share a bed with a homo and not make out with him, yeah, we slept together. And I think Dara might hate me because her room is next to mine and I guess she had to work a lunch shift this morning. I ran into her this morning on the way to the bathroom and she didn't say anything, not that my roommmates ever do, because they are lame and need to die. And oh yeah, I might live with Evan, this insanely hot homo who I used to be way obsessed with. Good/Bad Idea? Circle one.

Or don't, because I know, and whatever.

Um yeah, did I mention that I am going to see MIA in a couple of hours, you heard? Fuck fuck yeah! Pull up the people, pull up the poor. I am a fighter, nice nice fighter. So fucking excited. Food and water in belly and then meeting Joe to get there early.

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