Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today - As I wrote that, I shrugged to myself, sighing with joy exclaiming, "God, today..." As I did that, shrugged, whoa, major whiff of b.o. headed my way. So I am out of deodorant and I smell a little rank after my time in the sun today. That is what I was joyously sighing about, my trip down Graham Avenue today in that stretch between Grand and the JMZ. It was total eye candy the amount of dollar stores and cheap clothing stores and Mexican and Chinese restaurants and things being sold on the street. It was so lovely, wasting time, looking at crap I didn't need, and crap that I had only the faintest of intentions of actually purchasing. I know I talk shit about consumerism sometimes, but this busy street and the amount of wares on it made me so happy to see on this sunny day.

On my way home, I looped back down Broadway with the JMZ rumbling overhead and stopped at Domsey's, where I bought an amazing girl's western shirt for 3.50. There was this hideously gorgeous cashemere old lady sweater that I wanted and had been eyeing the whole time there, wondering if I should pay the nine dollars for it or not. On my way out of the store, with my western shirt in a bag, I added the sweater to the bag also and solved that problem of feeling guilty about spending money on a sweater I might or might not wear. Right now though, I am leaning toward wearing that shit. I want it to be cold right now so I can get away with wearing it. I have so many hideous old lady sweaters or little girl sweaters that I never wear. But this one fits me so nicely. They all sort of look like something Ruby would have worn in one of the early Cosby Show episodes.

Oh yeah, it's pink with this light green pattern on it of clovers and it is awesome.

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