Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I got stoned and went for a long walk to look at the clouds and catch the end of the sunset. I felt awkward for a while at that park, more self aware than normal of my oddness as a single at this place that couples come to in such numbers. Single people need to observe sunsets just as much as anyone else, and I have never watched a sunset with a boy in that way, and I don't think I ever could because I am not that person and would not be able divorce myself from observing the act as cliche. Anyway, I tried leaving voice messages for myself on my phone but couldn't figure out how to do it. As I was walking as I was having all these brilliant thoughts and wanted to record them. So I sent myself text messages. They took a while and by the time I finished typing the message, I sort of lost the focus of whatever it was I originally wanted to record. I sent two to myself, and yes, thankfully, I understand what I was trying to say and I hope it continues that way until tomorrow when I am totally sober.

7:57 - Heated minivan youth friend's isolated scent

8:18 - Kids being scared, scream into laugh, inborn association bt violence and fun

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