Sunday, August 28, 2005

Awesome! Fall is essentially here with the gallery season starting in less than two weeks. Douglas Kelley sent out a big DKS list with lots of listings, so many all in one night, and it is here, fall and gallery hopping and spending my Thursday nights smashed. But this also means that I have gone through summer and done really nothing of note to speak of besides engaged ins some new sexual practices.

I am a loser and see a conflict of interests and need to find someone with a VCR or get one myself because September 8th is the big gallery night and also the start of the new season of The O.C., and I have already told myself that real social interaction will always supercede television, but I need to see it and surely, I can find someone to tape it. Jamie? But September 8th, you and I have a date, Bellwether is having an opening as well as lots of other galleries I like. And Marcel Dzama has another show at David Zwirner that opens that night. Fun fun fun. Aren't you so excited to wander the streets of Chelsea blitzed as the sun is setting and as the weather gets cooler? It will be so awesome.

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