Friday, August 26, 2005

OMG! My dick in a couple people's mouths and many more people's hands. I don't know if any of my crushes saw this. One large, very long dick in my mouth. More about all of this tomorrow. God, I love the Cock. But, my crushes. So, this one, Todd, obviously did not see - hung out with him after the bar closed, got Indian food and talked for a while on some one's stoop. He invited me to his house and I said no because I am lame and did not want to have to worry about getting home from Crown Heights. Why can't this amazing boy live in my nieghborhood or Manhattan at least, and not Crown Heights? We are supposed to hang out though and I am pretty excited. Yes, more tomorrow. Did I mention Staten Island, various bars, that horrible Frying Pan, Greg (!), new pants, my sluttiness? Oh well, I will do so tomorrow. Maybe.

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