Monday, August 22, 2005

So, maybe you heard the story a couple weeks ago of the man who died after being fucked by a horse - some vital things were punctured. And then it came out that the farm was known for this, that the owner serviced people who were into getting fucked by horses, sort of bestiality tourism. And then because things always get weirder, there were tapes apparently of the guys getting fucked, including of the guy who died shortly after. It had been supposedly floating around on the internet, and because I am a sicko, I tried to see it, but it was pretty hard to find then. Until today. Fleshbot posted a link to it. And yes, what would Susan Sontag have to say about this and my (dis)regarding the pain of others? The thing is already pretty disturbing to watch, even more so because it is a snuff film without the ending we all know happened. And so why did I watch it? I don't know. It has left me feeling pretty horrible, though.

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