Tuesday, August 9, 2005

))><(( forever.

God, today - it's just one of those days. And by that I mean one of those good days where I make eye contact with everyone I walk by and just want to melt into the ground, or into the streetlights, the store signs - all those glowing lights which looked and do look so beautiful tonight.

Earlier today, I went to the Mercer Hotel and made such easy money - saw a guy for maybe fifteen minutes, beat the hell out of his ass, pulled his hair, pissed on him and generally enjoyed playing this dom role, but definitely felt like I was stretching it, too aware that I am not this dom person, and there were moments where I felt like my performance was not credible. But I left with money in my wallet, bought some house things, came home for a short while and then went back into the city to the IFC Center to see Me and You and Everyone We Know, the Miranda July movie, and yes, yes - it is everything everyone has been telling me.

It's so nice to go see sweet, touching movies by yourself, drinking coffee doing so and nibbling on a cookie. The seats there are so comfortable, even for me. Most seats are really comfortable now at all theaters, but they were obviously built for people a little shorter, and sometimes the headrests aren't tall enough, but man, at this theater, I was totally a little kid cuddled up in a Lay-z-boy - so fucking nice. And oh yeah, the movie was amazing. It made me so happy. I only rolled my eyes at one point, the art gallery director talking, which is the only spiteful moment in an otherwise deliriously lovely movie. July, waiting for someone to call, having a crush, things going terribly, awfully, and then of course, because it is still a movie, it working out eventually, and when I turned my phone on after the movie, I was July waiting by her phone, hoping hoping for a message from someone or even someones, and there wasn't one and I was only momentarily sad because you know, as I already told you, I was soon on the street and walking by human beings making eye contact and feeling totally overwhelmed in a good way with the busy sights on Sixth Avenue.

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