Wednesday, August 3, 2005

While The Captain's latest email message is mildly patronizing toward gay boys, I am still beyond thrilled about him playing at No. 1 Chinese tonight. I have only seem him play once, and it was one of the most fun dj sets I have ever heard. It just sounded fresh, some odd choices in the mix, unlike JonJon Battles who has been playing the same typical songs for the past two years Monday nights at the Cock. And maybe this guy tends to play the same songs all the time, but I wouldn't know, having only seen him once. And actually if he doesn't play one of the same songs, I might be upset. That song, being "Rock Steady." Me, being one of those nice little gay boys who get really excited when he plays that song:

this party has been getting a lot press, on the internet and in print, plus every time i ask someone if they know about the party they usually have something to say about it.
i havent dj-ed this party ina while, regardless of all the nice little gay boys who see me on the street or at misshapes protesting their love for my remarkable sets i do at bang which usually include songs like "rock steady" by the whispers or "Pony" by ginuwine or "wham rap 86" by wham.
either way, this is a fun party. and every time i come, this party is jumping. there will also be free SVEDKA 10 - 11 and some gift bags!

And oh yeah, gift bags!

Today's to-do list:
-Get phone turned on
-Do sex work, or try to.
-If successful early enough, do laundry, smelly.
-Get wasted out of my mind and dance like a maniac.

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