Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I used to be shocked not too long ago when Joe would constantly tell me about how he met this or that guy on the street, totally not understanding how these interactions start, never having really experienced them that much. Maybe I am a more chill person these days, less so bouncing down the street, and so I am looking around, noticing things, noticing people noticing me.

I didn't have any tupperware to store this pasta salad that I just made, so of course, I went to the Chinese place to buy their homemade tea to drink and then use as a container for this pasta. On my way out the door, there is a car slowing down as I come out the door and then waits there in the street, and I was annoyed because I was sure that this was one of those cars constantly honking outside on the street, waiting to meet someone, too lazy to knock on the door. I don't know who it is that lives on our street that is constantly getting rides places from douchebags who honk over and over again on the street. But so I glared at this person, only to get back a stare that was way more friendly than a glare, even kind of flirty. I was very confused and kept on walking, turning back later to see him talking to some girl, the girl he was probably waiting for I assumed.

So then I think I am an egotistical prick for assuming this man was flirting with me, get my tea and as I am walking home there he is right on the other side of the street now outside the Chinese place, just waiting there. Sans girl. He leans over the passenger seat toward the window and asks me how it's going. So confused and so not horny enough to even consider this, I said good, waved and walked home really fast. What is really amazing to me is that these past cruisy interactions have not been in the East Village, not in Chelsea, not even in Manhattan, but in the derelict parts of Williamsburg with people I would never expect to be gay.

I have about two hours to make my apartment look somewhat presentable since it is going to be photographed by this artist who wrote me on MySpace and his schtick is taking pictures with gay strangers at their house. After I agreed to do it, I looked at his site and realized that I am friends with three of his other subjects which I found pretty funny, that the Brooklyn homo world is so small.

And then I have three days to make my apartment look not just somewhat presentable, but like a place strangers would want to live in since we are having our open house on Saturday. I have already given directions our place to about twenty people who have responded to our ad. Two of these people are New College people, which would be really funny if we continued the trend of having all New College people live in this building. Saturday, it is going to be really fun to meet all these strangers, definitely awkward at times when they show up at the same time, but hopefully that will be fun, too. I am pretty sure I will be drinking beer during our open house to minimize my ability to percieve awkwardness.

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