Saturday, August 20, 2005

At first, things were so painful, so awkard. Our first visitor showed up half an hour before we told people to come, did not apologize for the fact that she came early, did not say much of anything. Looked at the room, sat on our couch and told us hardly anything about herself. I asked her if she wanted to see the kitchen and bathroom. She said, "No, I am sure they are fine." And then she asked if she could call tomorrow, and I told her I would call her on Monday. WTF, Jillian and I asked each other after she left. Who wouldn't even look at an apartment that they are interested in moving into? I don't even know if I can describe how awkward the silences were. Awful!

Two more people came who weren't very social before I got smart and downed a beer. From that point on, either the people visiting were more social or I was less uptight because of the beer and most of the time was spent waiting around for people to show up. Only seven of the twenty-five I told about the open house came. Out of those seven, four of them, I wouldn't mind living with. Two, in fact, both Jillian and I love. And one of those four was able to offer us free cable, internet, and phone service since she works for Comcast. Too bad, she wasn't one of the two we really liked. But for a while, we were seriously considering living with the free cable chick. We are pretty sure we have made our decision. This last girl was pretty much the most perfect, laid-back person ever.

Now, tonight's options. Since I am already exhausted from drinking earlier, The Quiet American on 13 or some house party in Chinatown? Loser? Non-loser? Tough call. No, seriously, it is.

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