Monday, August 29, 2005

The weather looks pretty nice outside. I have yet to step into it, had really wanted to go to the beach today, in these last days of August, because really going to the beach in September just seems totally differnt than going in August, but I can't go today because I am seeing the regular today at three. And after that, I guess I am going to go shopping and see if I can not find something nice to wear to my mom's wedding so that I won't have to make my mom take me shopping when I get home, that I am sure that is not what she wants to be doing in those couple days leading up to her wedding with all her family in town.

I could wait till I get home and that would save me lots of money I don't have, but I feel like I should try to pretend I am an adult and don't need my mom to take me shopping. I am getting stressed about money because it's that time of the month again, where my phone bill is due, where my rent is due and to add to those normal stressful events, there is this clothes bill I may rack up today. And to make matters worse, our landlord actually wants our rent on time this month. I know, most of you think that is a given, but really we are always a couple weeks late in paying our rent, but the scary grandma is home now and came upstairs the other day to tell us she wants the rent on the 1st, and well, this is also the month that we resign our lease, so it would be good to pay it on time - plus Ada (the grandma) is fucking terrifying and I don't want her yelling at me. And so yeah, this would mean I would need to have all this money by tomorrow since I am leaving on Wednesday.

I really think I would be able to get all this taken care of if I weren't leaving on Wednesday. I would have had a couple more days to do sex work, would not be dropping money on clothes I am probably only going to wear once. Oh yeah, and our electric bill has had a turn off notice since June 22. So that's another bill that needs to get taken care of ASAP.

And yesterday, there were so many blown opportunities to make money. If I had taken on all four dates scheduled yesterday, I would have made 650 and not be stressing right now, and would have had an insanely overworked penis, but the first date, I totally messed up by waiting outside the wrong address forever until I realized I was an idiot and read the address in my pocket and realized I was on the wrong block. By the time I got there, I was already half an hour late, so scratch that 200.

So instead I went and saw the guy I saw on Wednesday again. I came home, totally ravenous for a spicy pork burrito, checked my email and this guy I had seen a while ago wanted me to come over and get a rimjob. At this point it was already 11 pm and I was hungry as all hell, so I told him I was too tired and went to get a burrito. I ate the burrito and promptly passed out in bed, glutted, with the lights on, still dressed, contacts still in. At two, I was woken up by a phone call from the regular which I let my voicemail pick up. I listened to it today and he had wanted me to come over last night. I checked my email this morning after listening to that message and rimjob guy had wrote me back last night and told me that if I was tired, he had crystal. I rolled my eyes and told myself that I need a real job.

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