Monday, August 22, 2005


I don't even know how I recognized this person, having never seen them naked and having only met them once in person a couple months ago, but from this ass shot, I knew who it was or was pretty sure and so asked him if it was him. He wrote back confirming yes, that he was my crush. I saw my crush kind of naked!

His ad said: if you come over and give me a real good, soothing massage with oils, i will be the happiest boy in ny.

And then I wrote his name, followed by a question mark and sent it from one of my annonymous email accounts.

He said: why yes. who's this?

I said: Um, should I confess who I am and make myself seem like an obsessive able to spot a crush even in a partial photo of their body, or should I not? Whatever. Um, this is Charlie, and I am not sure you remember me. I am [X]'s friend and I met you once, that opening night of the Cock.

But I saw [X]'s and [X]'s pictures of you and remember them fairly clearly, your skin tone and hairiness, and is that really weird that from those two photos, I was able to spot part of you in another photo? I kind of think it does and I am embarrassed. Thought you were really cute and that's why I remember.

He said: how extraordinary. you must have some mystical powers or good guessing skills. i'm pretty flattered by your crush and i do remember you. however, unless you're amazing at giving soothing massages, with no sex expectations, i must hit the hay--i work tomorrow.

I said: yeah, i am awful at giving massages. but have a good night and awesome dreams!

He said: thanks. you too.

And that was all that was said, and probably too much, and both of us will probably feel weird if we ever run into each other. God, I really need to stay off the internet. And oh yeah, there is a project involving my crushes that I am working on with a friend that will hopefully happen.

Oh yeah, we have a new roommate as of October 1st. She is not the person that Jillian and I were agreed upon last night. Yesterday, she was second place, but things change when you sleep on them, and we invited her back over today for beer and decided we wanted to live with her. Her name is Amanda. She's from Mississippi and mildly introverted and completely sweet. And she has an awesome Mississippi accent. I really think she is going to be an awesome person to live with.

And um, a partially naked picture of a crush?! Did I mention that?

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