Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Assuming they are not reading this, can I tell you guys about the worst prank ever? So I was hanging out with Jamie this evening, telling her about how it went with that artist. And then as I so often to do, I started talking about boys and my crushes. And I confessed to her that I have been getting giddy all day each time the phone rings with an unrecognized number. Greg asked me for my number again this afternon because he lost his cell phone and so I emailed it to him again. I have been hoping, and this is what I told Jamie, that he would call me right away because I really wanted to do something tonight and even more so, with him. I have given out my number to so many people about the apartment and so all these random numbers keep calling me today, and even knowing this, I still hope that each one is Greg and get so excited saying hello, hoping that the person will be Greg. And I was confessing this to her, telling her how alive I get when the phone rings, literally a beating heart. She thought this was kind of silly and she joked that one day she was going to have Jared call me. I ignored her comments and went on about boys for some time more.

Jared came over and I went upstairs with my beer, bored, and started watching Sex and the City, and shortly thereafter my phone rang, another unrecognized number. I was so giddy, because I normally am anyway, and plus I was watching this sentimental show making me even more drippy. I answer the phone hello. The boy says, "Hey, is this Charlie? This is Greg." I am so excited and he asks me what I am doing and I tell him really nervously that I am bored terribly and watching Sex and the City, and yes it's lame, what are you doing, Greg? My heart is fucking racing and then I hear silence and some giggling in the background. And I am so shocked that Jamie did this and also all the more dissapointed that Greg did not call. I guess this joke should make me realize that I am being a little silly, but man, it stung so much and then they invited me to play Scrabble with them. I did, but the whole game, I was sort of resenting them still about the phone prank for getting me excited and then laughing at my excitement. We listened to one of the albums from the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs, and all those over the top lyrics seemed less over the top than usual.

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