Saturday, November 5, 2005

I finished Kaddish this afternoon, sitting at the Christopher Street piers, started with the sun warm and high up, finished with it chilly and setting. I walked through the West Village to Astor Place, went to my favorite wine store, sampled six amazing wines before sampling a 15 year old Glengarry and a 34 year old Glenlivet. Those scotches were amazing. All that was consumed on an empty stomach. I walked around the East Village before getting on the train, mildy drunk, amazed that I had just drank something that was made before I was born, thought about time, my own life's dot on that line, how there was stuff before it, this Glevlivet which preceeded my own life by a decade, and thought about what that means, a body's absence from the temporal world. Four days today.

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