Friday, November 18, 2005

Moderation, it's an idea and a word that I find myself circling back to again and again throughout my life, that anything I like, anything I enjoy must be enjoyed in moderation, must be alternated with other things for me to continue to appreciate those loved things. Music in New York. Music at white hipster bars in New York. How many times can I muster enthusiasm for Pat Benetar and The Smiths before it starts to become tiring?

Going out lately is reminding me of my last couple years at New College, where going to parties, I always heard the same selection of songs over and over again, rarely anything new, and for a while, a couple years, these bars were able to excite me with this music, but now I think I would lose my shit and dance like a maniac were I to hear any of those booty rap songs from New College. That is why I love The Captain (Patrick) so much because he plays a rock song, and lots of early nineties r and b, occasionally older r and b, raunchy stuff like Ying Yang Twins, and just nice finds. I don't know where it was that I read a DJ talking about his profession as an art form and distanced himself from that line of thinking, that he wasn't the artist so much as the curator. And these curators at these bars I have been going to, last night at Stache are lazy, bringing nothing to these viewers, not giving me new rhythms to try to concieve my body in relation to, but stuff I have already experienced way too many times. Tommy played a Journey song though that I did sort of lose my shit to, and that's what I want to hear, good stuff, odd choices that don't get played every night of every single week.

A while ago, I had talked to David about exploring more neighborhoods in New York, checking out the gay bars in Jackson Heights and really I need to hear different stuff. I'm going to that Desi party the next time it is thrown, might even go again to that gay hip hop bar near Times Square again that I went to with Joe once. I just need to experience some new things, alternate what I am hearing. And it is so funny that I enjoy Matt and Kevin's hip hop night so much, that these are all the songs I heard endlessly at New College and thought they were so tired, but now, against this tide of eighties hits, rock ballads, and indie dance songs, it is positively countercultural. And surely, you might encounter some problems if you try to think about the political implications of a bunch of white gay hipsters dancing to these booty hip hop songs, but I am way more interested in the political implications of white gay hipsters not dancing to this music ever, playing such white music all the time.

And not to say that I didn't have a good time at Beauty Bar last night, I really did. I had gone to gallery openings earlier and drank a couple beers, a couple Dixie cups of red wine and saw some good things, the video art show at LFL was good. The Araki show made me really uncomfortable, but I still really enjoyed it, probably for that same reason. Radcliffe Bailey's show at Jack Shaimman was really amazing and I need to go back and think about it more so I can say what exactly it was about it I loved. But the last four shows I have seen at this gallery have all been excellent and reaching for something that most other art shows would never dare to. I think this is the gallery with the most to say of all the Chelsea ones, they keep on putting up really good work that is mildly political but totally excellent and beautiful. After seeing all these, I ended my night at the show Gregg was in and talked to a bunch of people, smoked cigarettes in the stairwell and had a really lovely time because I am in love with human beings lately even though toward the end of the night I did start to join Ethan's chemical castration game and mark people I thought deserving of it. Ignore that, because I love it, you, all of it.

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