Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When were we supposed to learn these things? How does an entire generation not know how to use a waiter's pull corkscrew? So often I will see people pulling and tugging on the cork, no one knowing that this beautiful little tool was made so you didn't have to do that. Not to say that I am more knowledgeable than everyone else. I didn't how to use one until about a year ago either. I didn't know that it functions as a lever and instead yanked and yanked at the cork. It might have been Niki who corrected me. I am not sure who it was. But now, I watch other people when they open wine and realize that everyone does the same thing, that so many people do not how to use this tool, and what other things do we not know how to do? What does this mean? What other conviences are we not utilizing or misutilizing?

I rewatched the "What is Sodomy?" piece this morning from Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex.... I had been thinking about it ever since it came up second in the movie last night, thinking back to how wild and how perfect it was throughout all the other scenes. Gene Wilder does an amazing job, and his love for this sheep seems so real, so understandable, and that is why this scene is so amazing, because it is absurd, but acted out sincerely, not overblown, and God, the quick scene shifts are done so seamlessly. It is so good.

I drank a pot of coffee this morning and now am drinking a cup of yerba mate and yet still feel slightly tired. I think it is depression and I want it to be tiredness and hope that coffee will change things, provide that spark, that joy, but my friends, it is not happening.

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