Thursday, November 17, 2005

It is not often, which is odd considering how often and how much I drink, that I wake up with a hangover, a headache from hell and feeling like shit, asking myself why I was so out of control the previous night. This morning, afternoon actually, was one of those times.

I met Gregg and Matt at Number 1 Chinese, but ended up being left alone very soon afterward and I was drunk because I hadn't eaten since six and had consumed a few vodka-tonics, and so was being way more social, more brave than I normally am. I talked to new people last night, made some friends, made out with an 18 year old briefly at that bar, before leaving there with Seth, one of the new people I met, to walk up to Nowhere. I was kind of thinking, hoping that making out might happen between Seth and myself. But once at Nowhere, he was obviously interested in one of my friends, so I left them to talk, encouraged my friend and talked to other people about nonsense, got yelled at my Stephen Merritt, who told me to stop talking so loud.

Followed a crowd of people to Phoenix where I tried to get Zan to make out with me, for some reason after telling him how much I wanted to make out with his roomie. Last night, I was so absurd, and I think part of the impetus for the absurdity came from the knowledge of how absurd I was being, thinking it was funny and holding nothing back. I don't know. The hangover from hell of this morning but point to the real impetus being way too much booze of too many varieties.

I got a call this afternoon from the regular, took some aspirin to calm the headache, went out to his apartment and pissed down his throat before cumming in his mouth. Shit, I am running late. Gots to go to Chelsea for openings. Aaahhhh! I am insane!

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