Monday, November 7, 2005

New Friendster Message from Craig

That is what I like seeing in my inbox. I love it when a boy that you have a crush on writes you. There is that intense nervousness/anticipation before you click through to the actual message and you think eight million things, that he is going to admit his love of me and say we should hang out, or no, he is going to say I am an obnoxious asshole and never to talk to him again, or, or, or, and man, all the things my mind thinks in those ten or so seconds it takes me to actually get to the message. Granted, it didn't say much, but still he wrote and that's all I care about and he didn't tell me to die:

hi charlie. it was nice bumping into you the other
night. i hope the memorial thing in new jersey went
okay and that you're good attitude persists.

see you around,

I am way too hyper for what time of day it is, had a bit of coffee, more than a bit this morning and might have another cup before I head off to work and watch the sunset from this tall building's windows over the Hudson River. My dad's memorial thing is on Saturday in Montclair. I have still yet to figure out how NJ Transit works. I am listening to David Bowie's Hunky Dory and feeling pretty damn good and I still want Craig's babies. Yes, yes I do.

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