Friday, November 4, 2005

I know a lot of you already read this, but if not, and if you're even mildy fascinated by all those scenester photoblog sites, you will love Blue States Lose. It used to be on the now defunct Tale of Two Cities, but last week moved to Gawker where it is featured every Friday. It is basically Vice's "Don'ts" section except funnier and not sexist/racist/homophobic, or not as much so. Here is #6 and #2, I cannot decide which is more genius:

6) Last Night’s Party. 1st Anniversary photo #9193: You know that feeling that birdwatchers get when they spot their first Red-flanked Bluetail? Of course you don’t. But try to imagine that surge, that rush. Now multiply it by four, because this mindfuck of a photograph is a one-time meeting of all the breeds of the male hipster flocks. From left to right, you’ve got the hip-hop savvy coolkid who does things like wear Doors T-shirts. Then he spend the entire night trying to convince people that he’s doing it unironically while explaining how “important” the band was. Then you’ve got the Britrock buzz band enthusiast who’s always drunk and doesn’t give a fuck about New York hipster style but yet somehow always looks understated and impeccable. He always leaves with someone. Then you’ve got the guy whose parents are paying for his Bedford Avenue sublet and drinks for all his friends (when he’s not at an open Sparks, Red Stripe and Svedka bar, ‘natch). And finally, the poor schmuck who is always trying a bit too hard who nobody really likes. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but this one might be worth an entire DFA compilation. Seriously, we just sent the link to the Library of Congress and we got an instant response that just said, “Whaaaaaaaaaa???”

2) Misshapes. Oct. 29, 2005 photo #006: When we said it couldn’t be done, he just smirked and cocked his head to the side. “Oh really?” he asked, full well knowing that he had it in him. “Well, I said I’m going to do heroin chic ’80s Bruce Springsteen Vietnam Vet gay biker pirate assassin, and heroin chic ’80s Bruce Springsteen Vietnam Vet gay biker pirate assassin is what I’m going to do, even if I have to murder some no good Johnny-come-lately just for his bandana. So fucking deal with it! The end!”

I wonder if the people on Blue States Lose are really hurt by it or really proud of it. I can't decide if I would be so excited, or hurt. Probably, so excited. I am listening to Neil Diamond's new album, 12 Songs, which believe it or not, is actually really, really good. It reminds me a lot of slow Bruce Springsteen. I am thinking about going to the Cloisters or just somewhere pretty out in this gorgeous seventy degree weather. Anthony told me that this death could be really freeing and that reminded me of how I felt that way yesterday afternoon walking to the bank. I mean, I really felt so free and was smiling ear to ear and I don't know how to properly explain this feeling but it was pretty much one of the most joyous, liberating feelings I have ever had. And I briefly experienced it again this morning, taking a shower, listening to Final Fantasy. I will try to explain this later. I really need to get outside and be in this gorgeous world, though.

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