Tuesday, November 1, 2005

wild stallions

I have the worst cough ever, and because of that, because when I cough too hard, I start to dry heave, but probably more so because I still felt drunk when I woke up at seven to pee and because I felt so hungover when I woke up at one, I called in sick to work again today, making it about a week straight that I have done so.

I went to the parade with Adele and downed whiskey from a flask. Went to Savalas for the open bar and danced a lot with Adele and Adrian to songs that I like but which were played for too brief a time. We then wandered to Capones in search of more fun, and I stopped to talk to this boy who I had seen earlier walking by at the parade who claimed he was dressed like Scarlet O'Hara even though he was in flesh colored body suit. Capones was surprisingly fun with lots of dancing and Paul met up with us and then we wandered again, this time in hopes of encountering lots of homos and ended up at Metropolitan, which was way disappointing after coming from two really fun dance parties, but which was also not entirelly surprising. Ethan showed up there and I eventually left everyone out back to go back inside and try my luck standing alone, seeing if I could meet some boy since I wanted to continue my weekend of sluttiness.

They were playing a block of Morrissey and Smiths songs and this boy, Quentin, came up and talked to me. And you can never escape the people you know as much as you want to meet a stranger. I knew that Quentin liked me, he has said so much the last two times I have seen him at that bar and if I had wanted to sleep with him, I would have already done so. I was a little rude last night in talking to him and told him that telling someone they are hot is a turn off. And he astutely observed that that is always how it is, that if someone admits to liking you, you won't like them. And a little aggressively said that that was fine, that he could sleep anyone at the bar. I smiled, said Good, and walked out back again, leaving him there to get with anyone since I didn't want to. Two minutes later, he came out back also, talked to me about something, talked close and because why not, we started to make out.

I made out with him until they closed the back patio, kicking everyone inside and once inside he asked if I would come home with him. I smiled and said no. He asked if he could come home with me. I smiled and said no. And I like him somewhat. He is attractive and nice, but I just don't want to sleep with him for whatever reasons. And it was kind of awkward, telling someone that I wasn't going to sleep with them, and so I left to go smoke a cigarette in the back and look for a stranger, someone who I didn't know and someone who didn't know me, who I could sleep with. Midway through the cigarette, Quentin came up and talked to me again. I was standing by myself, trying to, because that's when you open yourself to social situations to present themselves to you, but Quentin kept finding me and preventing that from happen. Finally, I went and started talking to this boy dressed as JT Leroy about his costume, ignorning Quentin. I was so excited about this boy's costume, about the fact that here is someone who reads (even if it is Leroy), but someone that knows who Leroy is. When I pointed out the costume to Quentin earlier, he asked who Leroy was. If I didn't know Quentin, that he studied acting, that he doesn't really read, then I could have easily slept with him, but too much talking happened beforehand. I learned too much and couldn't have this body by itself, that these other details, this personality attached itself to it. Blank bodies, ciphers are what I want these days.

Leroy boy looked really cute even though he was hidden beneath a big wig and big sunglasses, but apparently he is one of the promoters of Bang, Chris, and then I sort of lost interest, or the desire to pursue someone who would probably not be interested. Everyone is either too cool or not cool enough, and surely you could pin the blame on me and say that I am making excuses, but it's what I am good at it. I came home and watched the beginning of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey with Adele way too late at night before crashing in my bed, falling asleep to the loud sound of those two boys screaming a lot thoughout that movie, travelling through time.

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