Friday, November 11, 2005

Last night, I was in a caffeniated trance rocking out to the first albums of Le Tigre and Bjork (okay, not that one from when she was 12 but her proper first solo album, Debut), and suddenly work was over. On the subway ride home, I finished Rouse Up, O Young Men of the New Age! just as I reached my stop. I came home, made myself some pasta covered not only in pesto, but with goat cheese - so much fat, so much yum. And I stuffed myself with this as I watched The OC which had been taped. And so I could fast forward through the commercials, and maybe because of this, but really because the episode involved a gang of hot, shirtless surfers, I loved this episode so much.

This season has been a let down, as the show has obviously been hijacked by a team of soap opera writers. The plotlines are so absurd in this season with all these crazies popping up out of nowhere. But last night, we finally got to understand more about two of these characters, and in a lovely scene, got to see that Taylor Townsend is such a bitch because she has no friends and has a pushy mom that wants her to be popular. But still, barely any word about college even though this is their senior year. I really hope this is the last season of this show, as I don't want to watch it slide even further as it tries to follow these kids to college. Although, there could be something fun about watching these kids in a crazy dorm setting.

I am listening right now to Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, which if I were to be honest with myself and with you, I would include in a list of my top ten albums of all time, maybe even top five.

Tomorrow, my dad's cousin is picking me up in front of Port Authority at ten am to drive me out to his house in Montclair. I sort of wanted to take the bus or train and have this alone time to myself to watch scenery out the window, but now, I will have a for sure awkward car trip with this man who I haven't talked to in about a decade. My dad's sister, Herta, is going to be there also. My mom is not going to be there. She told me she thought it would be "weird" if she went. And everyone has to make their own choices. So I will be stuck for a day with a bunch of relatives I don't know, relatives who I think have always secretly hated me and my mom. I could talk about race here and how, being closer to my mom, I have normally identified more as white than as Latino, but I don't have time to explore that right now, seeing as I do have to leave for work real shortly. But needless to say, I think my relatives are aware of that and see me as an outsider, someone who would disregard them. Ugh. I don't know what I am trying to say. Also, because MTA is out of their fucking mind, 18 of the 19 subway lines that run on weekends are either not going to be running or running alternate/abbreviated routes. Some people do actually leave their house on the weekends and need to get around. The L is completely shut down. Luckily, the only line not affected is the M, which is not too far from my house. But that does not go to Port Authority and this means I am going to have to leave my house so early tomorrow to get there on time and figure out which trains are and which ones are not running. Fuck you, MTA!

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