Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This one Peachwaves song being played right now on NY Noise is pretty awesome. The video, not so awesome. But, something about books and covers, and feeling like you did when you first moved to New York close to three years ago, you being a fucking adult on your own in the big city, like you used to fantasize when you were a young teenager, bored in your bedroom with your town and your life, and how good this music sounds when you are feeling that way is pretty incredible.

Some numbers: Friday, I am going to one funeral. This is number two for me in three weeks. This is number three for me so far this year. This is the fourth person I have know who has died in 2005.

Work sucks dick, and not in the hot sense. I love sucking dick. I love having mine sucked. I have to stop using that in a derogatory sense, because work was most definitely not fun at all.

I won't have email til I get back, but know that I love you and cannot wait to see you, hug you, and dance with you. Maybe even play a little Scrabble. I know what rock and roll is and this Pixies song is that, life is. I am Frank Black. Life is terrifying and awesome and and and what is it not

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