Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Today, people are treating me weird and I am not sure why, but the number of friendly encounters has me feeling like something is wrong. Walking down Bedford this morning to get a bagel, this woman in her car, young hipster lady kept catcalling me and made me feel so awful, like I am pretty sure she was making fun of me.

Then an hour of so later, getting off the subway, walking to work, a high school boy asked me to give him a high five. I did and kept walking and then he asked for a hug and I was rushing to work and thinking he was joking but I turned around and he was serious. I regretted not hugging him for the next ten minutes. Then on the elevator when I was going to lunch some really attractive lady was insanely friendly and was like, "I don't think I know you," and I talked to her really awkward and nervously and LOUDLY because I talk really loud when I am nervous.

And it's raining and I am at work and have to get off before I get fired.

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