Monday, November 21, 2005

well, at least he responded

What I wrote: Missed Connection

What he wrote:
Fate really tickles me. You know, I didn't really think that anyone actually ever met people who posted something in "Missed Connections." Yes, it's very much like tossing the bottle with the letter out to sea.

However, I was mildly amazed when my friend called me tonight while I was at work and said "Dude... my roomate saw a post on craigslist... and it was about you."
I could have died.

Then, of course, I went online once I got home to check it out. Turns out there were two postings about me--you, and one from some chick who was there. I think it was the blonde who kept slapping my ass.
Anyhow--as to not drag this on... I just thought I'd drop you a line. You seem like a really nice guy. Perhaps I'll see you around, but as I told your friend last night when he came up to me and outed you for having a crush on me, "I'm a go-go boy. I'm obviously fucked up and emotionally unavailable."
This is very true. Whatever--I really do believe that it's generally not a good idea to show interest in guys who's first impression of you is dancing nearly naked on a bar for money. Obviously, the psychological behavior patterns of all go-go dancers are so transparent. I mean, seriously, how fucked up do you have to be to get on a bar and strip for means of validation? I digress...

Write back, or whatever. Just thought I'd drop a line.


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