Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If anyone is going out to No. 1 tonight, you should let me know because I might want to go and dance after I get off work since it's my favorite DJ that plays there tonight. Of course, I might not want to go if it is going to be pouring as predicted.

I am unexcited that the Araki opening I have been excited about for the past month is listed on myopenbar. Not that it wasn't going to be crowded anyways, but if there are stupid tools there, I am going to spill my drink(s) on them. I used to enjoy the fact that not many people loved him except for the people that worked in the art department at the Strand. Even talking to art fags, most didn't know who he was/is - but whatever, most of my resentment is probably that I can never distance myself far enough from these hipster cultural tastes and whims. I want to not be part of these waves, but I really do love Araki and Bellwether and Wolf Parade and even the new Neil Diamond album, which everyone else also loves. I often wonder about what this means, if this does not make me a tool also. At least, hopefully, a tool with taste. A second "at least" would have to be that at least I don't like comics. A third: I don't knit.

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