Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Radio Days

There is something about these nostalgic tinted movies that is always pleasurable to watch, this evokation of some sort of Rockwellish Americana childhood, but it's also why this movies tend to annoy me. There are so many of them, ones that leap immediately to mind are The Sandlot, A Christmas Story, Crooklyn. And for that reason, it was pleasurable to watch, but also frustrating because two seperate plot threads never managed to merge, and overall, I just do not think I liked this movie that much. Definitely toward the bottom of this yet to be formulated ranking of my favorite Woody Allen movies.

It is always comforting to walk by couches on the street being thrown away because somehow, they are always uglier, always more beat up than the couch in my living room which I hate looking at, hate sitting on sometimes. Things could always be worse, I tell myself and see the evidence on curbsides all across this city on big trash days.

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