Monday, November 7, 2005

one point!

I was thinking to myself while I was playing Jamie how much I really wanted to play Scrabble against someone who could totally kick my ass, being fairly confident that I was going to beat her since I was barely ahead for most of the game. Then it was the last couple moves of the game and I knew she had the Q left and couldn't play it and I was already ahead by ten points, so I knew that would be minus ten for her and plus ten for me if she was unable to play it, so I was fairly sure that I was going to win. But last play of the game, she played her Q and her U to form QUA after asking me if it was a word really doubtful, and I said yes, assuming she already knew that. And so, final score 283-282. So close! But it feels good to lose, like I want to play again right now and win by a million points. I need to up my level of play. I like that competitive thrill.

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